Planning a Kayak Bowfishing Trip: Part One

Planning a Kayak Bowfishing Trip: Part One


Like many sportsmen, I pass a lot of time during the week getting excited for my next weekend adventure, or planning the next outdoor vacation. For all the time we spend in backwaters, we spend even more dreaming of it. It’s part of the fun. This also means that we get pretty good at researching things like maps and weather.

In this four-post series I want to share how I plan kayak bowfishing trips and the tools I use for it. A few notes before I begin:

  • While the title here contains “kayak bowfishing,” this information will be useful for any paddling, any bowfishing, and anywhere the two overlap.
  • This post DOES cover how to research regulations, plan for a safe paddle, and where to launch your paddlecraft.
  • This post DOES NOT cover where to find fish – that part of the battle is more hard-earned than reading about it online!

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