“The successful day, the brilliant shot, the exciting chase ending in capture, the long-range hit when I expected to miss – these are all down in my field-books…”

J. Maurice Thompson, The Witchery of Archery

Whatever you enjoy, there are books about it. This is also true for bowyers, hunters, and paddlers. I read a lot of books about these topics and will share links to my reviews of them here. I’ll also keep records of these in my Goodreads account.

Traditional Bowhunting by Clay Hayes

“I grabbed my bow and tried to lose myself and a few arrows as well.”

Clay Hayes is no stranger to most traditional bowhunters. He’s well-known for his website, Twisted Stave Media, and has taught many a bowyer a lesson or two on his YouTube channel. Traditional Bowhunting is available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon and as a signed paperback at Twisted Stave. While a short read at just under 100 pages, this book is as educational as it is enjoyable, and has the potential to inspire anyone to make a stickbow of their own and take it for a walk in the woods. Read more.

Guide to the Longbow by Brian J. Sorrells

“Inside every bent stick there is a bow, and in the wake of every arrow’s passing there lies a story.”

Brian J. Sorrels has published three archery books available on Amazon and is a long-time contributor to Traditional Bowhunter magazine. Guide to the Longbow is a comprehensive book about traditional archery that presents strictly informational text to the budding archer with a no-nonsense approach. Following the author’s advice about shooting will undoubtedly make you a good archer, thought it may not be the most fun approach for everyone. If you read e-books this one is a treat – there isn’t a better formatted e-book out there. Read more.