“I took pains to relate to him many of my pleasantest adventures, by field and by flood, with the longbow.”

J. Maurice Thompson, The Witchery of Archery

Maurice Thompson has a way with words in The Witchery of Archery that reaches into the sportsman’s soul and inspires a love for the outdoors that burns like wildfire. It also inspired me to create this website and share my enthusiasm with like-minded people.

My name is Trevor. I build my own longbows then take them hunting and bowfishing. I’m still a novice at these things. My bows have imperfect tiller, and I miss a lot of shots at prey. Though I still rarely bring game home from hunts, there is never a bad day spent with a bow in hand, traipsing along a trail or drifting down a bayou.

This website recounts my forays into the outdoors that are successful in their own way. I’ll also share lessons learned from my mistakes, some DIY projects, and the occasional book review.

Follow along via email in the sidebar if you’d like, or feel free to contact me at fieldandflood@gmail.com.