DIY .38 Blunt Arrow Tips

Tipping an arrow with a spent .38 cartridge is an old trick. It’s a cheap way to blunt your arrows for hunting small game. Some even put nails through the cartridge after it’s glued to the arrow to keep the arrow from burrowing when stump shooting.

Tools needed for tipping a blunt arrow with a .38 cartridge.

Tools needed for tipping an arrow with a .38 cartridge: arrow shaft, lighter, hot glue, the cartridge, some pliers, and a cold one in your favorite koozie.

Not long ago I broke a judo off my stumping arrow and was lucky enough to capture it in slow-motion:

I decided to use this as an opportunity to try the .38 blunt tip. As you can see in the video below, it could have worked out much better:

I believe if I would have tapered my arrow before mounting the tip to give the glue more of a bonding surface there would have been a higher chance of the tip staying on. The thicker glue coverage might have also given the shaft more of a “cushion” in the metal shell to vibrate and disperse energy that otherwise contributed to the tip snapping. Live and learn!

5 thoughts on “DIY .38 Blunt Arrow Tips

  1. This is a great way to get shooting with a blunt tipped arrow. I use my blunts on rabbit and squirrel. I read an article in Primitive Archer’s Magazine a few years ago. The author took a piece of hardwood and shaped it out to what he wanted then simply drilled a hole in it to fit the arrow. A little glue, slip the arrow in the drilled hole and it was blunt ready. the cool thing about this is that you can get it close to the weight that you need.


    • Thanks for the comment and reblog! That’s a really cool idea, and now that you mention it, it rings a bell. I have some mesquite and elm laying around that would be perfect for this, maybe I can give it a try and report back.


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